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  • Hongzheng Han

Radical Self: Queer Asian Art in the face of White Supremacy

2020 was a time of uncertainty, turbulence, and division. As white supremacy demonstrated its destructive power on Capitol Hill on January 6th, the peaceful fantasy of 2021 vaporized. By weaponizing the fear and misinformation of COVID-19, the Trump administration has enabled the increasing racial attacks on the Asian community. At this moment of critical transitions of American democracy and racial justice awakening, it seems inevitable to look at the political disengagement of the Asian community in America. Galvanized by the intersectionality of the Black Lives Matter Movement, it also seems appropriate to draw inspiration from the queer movement as we try to decipher the nuances of Asian identity.

Asian Creative Collective proudly presents Finding Queer Radicality in Asian Art, hosted by Tianyu Qiu and Hongzheng Han. We are honored to have three queer Asian artists, Guanyu Xu, Vicent CY Chen, and Ali Asgar (Tara) to join our conversation. All three artists are not yet American citizens. However, their art and activism reflect a deep understanding and respect for American culture and democracy. From selling print editions of their work to support BLM organizations from participating in politically charged exhibitions, let's find out the motivation of these "outsiders" — Why do they care? What does Asian queerness mean in America? What is the place of queer Asian art in the art world? Check out the talk Here -


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