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Standing Out, the Outstandings explores the social and historical concept of the model minority myth in conjunction with a new generation of Asian artists at a time of uncertainty and violence in America. The term "model minority" was coined by sociologist William Petersen in an article he wrote for The New York Times Magazine entitled "Success story: Japanese American style" in 1966. Petersen's justification for the legitimacy of Asian success in America is assimilationism; in other words: as long as we, the Asians, are beneficial for bolstering and promoting western colonialism and economic imperialism, we are allowed to stay. Unfortunately, under the prescribed model minority myth, Asian people in America are an easy target and the perfect scapegoat for racial conflicts and involuntarily sustaining a racial hierarchy that continues to uphold white supremacy which further divides the unity of the community of color. To break free from this detrimental myth, Standing Out, the Outstandings encourages the Asian community to fearlessly stand up and unapologetically stand out.



Artazion is a special program presented by Asian Creative Foundation, which intends to engage Asian Heritage artists, curators, and thinkers into conversations and discussions to explore the new realm of Art and its relationship with technology, society, politics, environment, and the future of humanity. We are committed to sharing the most thought-provoking contemporary art and ideas from Asian Heritage artists and thinkers. We are dedicated to building a community and platform for those of creative minds to exchange ideas and thoughts.

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Artazion will be in the format of presentation, panel discussion, and one on one conversation.
Each event will focus on a specific topic that engages with either current affairs or artistic exploration in specific areas.