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Asian Creative Festival

is a space to celebrate AAPI culture and creatives. With the support of AAPI creatives everywhere, we’re cultivating a place to exchange stories, inspire creativity, and support one another. This year our theme is Be Colorful.

Hear from our all-star speakers by ACF, shop our AAPI artists/small businesses marketplace by ACE, and watch an AAPI directed film screening by Mixed Asian Media and East Side Stories. We’ll close with an exclusive after party hosted by Asian Creative Network.

Asian Creative Festival 2022

Partnership with Working Not Working
Be Brave + Land Where You Belong

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Hello & Welcome to 
Asian Creative Foundation

Asian Creative Foundation is a place
where we provide help entry-level creatives navigate their careers, and break into the industry.

There’s no denying that when it comes to diversity the creative industry is still a work in progress. Only 11.4% of industry jobs are filled by black, Asian, and minority ethnic people and just 11.5% of creative directors in the US are women. And that's before we've even mentioned the challenges faced by young creatives that can't afford to take on unpaid internships. 

And We are here to support the change!

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Asian Creative Festive 2022

This is the time to let your walls down and learn from each other. There are no mistakes but happy creative outlets to show our unique styles through our creative journey. Let’s “Be BRAVE” together as a community and shed light on interesting topics. 

Our two-day program focuses on a series of online & offline conversations, including NFT exhibitions, technology trends, mental health, law, leadership and media in today’s world as Asian Creative Festival celebrates the diversity of creativities.


Past Events

Asian Creative Foundation gather and connect the next generation of curious creatives to share inspirational stories and spark new collaborations for the Asian community.

Our Mission

Annie Liu
Digital Designer | Social Content Creator

"ACF is such an impactful platform and community you've built! I'll add the moment I finished presenting was a pure bliss moment/my 2020 highlight because I was so proud of myself- thank you for creating such an empowering platform- excited to witness the growth and what's to come."

Lydia Pang
Senior Director, Global Brand Creative @ Nike HQ

"I am very opinionated, if you care about something, then you should speak up!"

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We are a foundation that support Asian Creatives & improve AAPI Creatives, empower, and representation across American society.

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